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Ella David Salon’s FAQ’s

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Bringing What’s Best For You

Our goal is to create a unique and beautiful look for each of our clients…

Personalized Haircuts

Q?: Have you ever said, “That is a great haircut, but I don’t know if it will look good on me?”

Book a consultation with one of our stylist. We will help you determine your best style according to your facial shape, hair texture, coloring and the amount of time you have to spend on your hair. Several personal traits of our client are analyzed before we determine the best look.

The Art of Hair Coloring

The most natural and beautiful way to enhance your hair is multidimensional color.

Balayage, also known as Hand Painting, techniques can create the most interesting color and best “grow-out” situation. It can be natural to bold, depending on your consultation. These looks typically get brighter and lighter with each visit and application as the colors layer beautifully on top of each other over time. This technique gives a random natural highlighted look in the hair. When combined with babylights or Highlights you can create bolder looks.

Highlighting and Lowlighting tones of multidimensional color creates natural and bold looks depending on your desired look when you consult with your stylist.

Color Melting is a process of starting with one shade at the root with your color and developing into a seemless blend of tones throughout the ends of the hair. Your desired color of your color melt would be based on your consultation. It can be natural to bold. Any shade works with a color melt!

Pastel Base Color:

This process blends and tones highlighted blonde hair to extend the time your highlights need to be retouched. It gives a natural sun-kissed glow. It can also be used to create beautiful natural base colors to cover grey.

Five Minute Enhancement Color:

Brighten and enhance your color to give a sun-kissed appearance.

Base colors:

Covering gray or changing you look, our stylist are all experts and will help you achieve the perfect color to enhance you cut, style, and skin tone. We are a Keune Concept salon and also like to incorporate other toning and lightening systems to create special color combinations.

Creative Color:

Pulp Riot is our choice! It’s Vegan formula is enriched with Quinoa, Argan, Aloe Vera and Sorbitol oil to create strength, protection and hydration. We are obsessed with the color choices and shine we get from using fashion colors from Pulp Riot. These colors fade tone on tone and leave the hair in the best condition. These are our Pink, Blue, Purple and Green colors, better known as Cupid, Velvet, Jam, Aquatic, Powder, Nightfall. Blush and Lilac to name a few.

Color fading does occur and requires regular visits to maintain vivids.

What is a Clear shine Gloss Enhancement?

You can never have too much shine. This process is meant to last four-six weeks

Hair Texture Services

Keratin Complex is the original, in-salon service that infuses natural keratin deep into hair’s cuticle. This revolutionary therapy reduces frizz and curl and instantly adds amazing  shine, silkiness and condition to the manageable, smoother and easier to style than ever before. It is perfect on all types of hair – including color treated and chemically processed hair.

The treatment adds this protein back into your hair, repairing internal damage, and coating the hair preventing further damage. The results are straighter, smooth, silky and shiny hair that lasts for months. The Keratin Complex Hair Therapy by Coppola has been variously haired as a “miracle”, an “incredible time saver” and “Wow! That’s MY hair?!?” by clients who have already experienced the treatment. What would you do with hair that was more manageable, softer, and shinier? Find out by making your appointment with one of out certified experts today! There is a precise heat and application process to create the best results!

Brazilian Blowout Smoothing Complex and Brazilian Split End Treatment

A Brazilian Blowout is a dream come true if you have always wanted to keep your curls while having the freedom to sport smooth strands whenever you please. We love that the amino acid enriched smoothing solution, combined with specific techniques, can be customized to remove frizz and impact high wattage shine while keeping curls and waves in tact. So whether it’s ringlets one day, or you want sleek strands the next, your hair will have that radiant, frizz free and healthier from root to tip no matter what style you choose. It can also be customized for a straighter look to be maintained.

How do I know what product to use on my hair?

General Product Descriptions

Our products are about choice and attitude. Select products and wear them as your mood shifts from day to day, outfit to outfit, event to event, or season to season. Rather than feeling that you have to pile wax on top of creme on top of spray, as editorial stylists do out of necessity, get to know each product individually first. Though you’ll naturally gravitate to several favorites, be adventurous. Some people go for gritty, matte textures and others prefer more polished finishes. Whatever you do, seek stylists’ advice (if you haven’t already). Besides recommending the right shampoo and conditioner, they cut hair with products in mind, use them while cutting, and can teach you when and how to use them. A versatile cut can be worn several ways and products are the key to changing it.

*Consider booking a “Client Style Learning Session” and let our team show you how to create different looks using our products and styling tools combined!


No event is too intimate or too grand. Let our experienced staff guide you through the preparations that lead you to that special day. Bring us your dreams then we will create your memories.

Bring out your best on your special day. Plan in advance to make your wedding day as stress-free as possible!

We highly recommend a consultation and trial up-do prior to your wedding day.